Salvadori Arte - Art Foundry in Tuscany


Salvadori Arte has always worked with sculptors, assisting in all stages of the sculpturing process for creating works of art, specifically:


  • Spaces for modelling

  • Expert assistants

  • Sculptures casting in various types of metal

  • Finishing, patination, transports and installation on site

Salvadori Arte is able to create both generic and specific metal works and other material in various fields such as:



  • Design 

  • Furninshings

  • Doors and portals

  • Religious and Funerary Art

  • Portraiture

  • Monuments

  • Urban Art

  • Medals, Plaques and Trophies


You can purchase a wide range of works, both for the house and garden, from Salvadori Arte. In particular you can find:


  • Indoor and Outdoor Design

  • Religious and Funerary Art

  • Paintings 

  • Lighting

  • Classical Reproductions

  • Archaeological Sculptures

  • Original sculptures


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Via Salvatore di Giacomo, 89

Zona industriale S. Agostino - 51100 Pistoia - ITALY
Tel +39.0573.935022 

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