Salvadori Arte - Art Foundry in Tuscany

Salvadori Arte is able to create both generic and specific metal works in various fields such as:


  • Design 

  • Furnishings

  • Doors and portals

  • Religious and Funeral Art

  • Portraiture

  • Monuments

  • Urban Art

  • Medals, Plaques and Trophies

We bring your ideas to life

1) Enlargement from scale model and-or drawing

the 13 steps

from sketch

to Patina

2) Production of mold (negative) in plaster or silicon

3) Preparation of wax model 

4) Filling the soul with refractory material 

5) Checking and assembley of separate wax sections

6) Wax's gates connection  

7) Investment with refractory material

8) Placing molds into the furnace and burnout

9) Preparation of the heated molds for fusion

10) Melting and casting

11) Cleaning of the bronze from investment

12) Finishing, chasing, welding, and patina of the bronze

13) Artwork finished and installed

Dove Siamo Where we are
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Via Salvatore di Giacomo, 89

Zona industriale S. Agostino - 51100 Pistoia - ITALY
Tel +39.0573.935022 

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P.IVA IT01268070479

Iscr. reg. imprese Pistoia REA: PT - 131701

Capitale Sociale € 52.000 interamente versato

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