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Religious and Funerary Art

For some time Salvadori Arte has also made reproductions of religious art, both from traditional and modern sources as well as from the customer's designs that have been carried out by artists commissioned.

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Zona industriale S. Agostino - 51100 Pistoia - ITALY
Tel +39.0573.935022 

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Christ walking on the water

Cristo che cammina sulle acque, bassorilievo patinato in bronzo h. cm. 74x64x18 Rif. Listino n.83 Christ walking on the water, patinated bronze low relief h. cm. 74x64x18 List. n.83 Христос ходил по воде, патинирование бронзового барельефа час. см. 74x64x18 См. ценник №83