Salvadori Arte - Art Foundry in Tuscany

Indoor and Outdoor design

Using the customer's specifics Salvadori Arte realizes, every kind of furniture, both indoors and outdoors. There is also a great availability of objects made by artists which are already prepared and can be used for different occasions. Over the last years the foundry has realized important sculptures placed in public spaces of many Italian and foreign cities.

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Via Salvatore di Giacomo, 89

Zona industriale S. Agostino - 51100 Pistoia - ITALY
Tel +39.0573.935022 Fax +39.0573.532862 

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P.IVA IT01268070479

Iscr. reg. imprese Pistoia REA: PT - 131701

Capitale Sociale € 52.000 interamente versato

realizzazione siti MoltoChic Makerting&C

Olive Tree, low table

Olivo, tavolo basso in bronzo patinato e cristallo, h. cm. 50x100x75 Rif. Listino n. 57 Olive tree, low table, patinated bronze and crystal, h. cm. 49x100x75 List. n. 57 Оливо, низкий столик в патиной бронзы и хрусталя, часов. см. 50x100x75 См. ценник №57.